Rules of Play


General Rules

Game Time Limit

7 inning games – no new inning after 1 hour 50 minutes

Run Rule

10 runs after 5 innings of play

Pitching Rules

No official pitching rules are enforced, however, it is recommended to abide by the MLB PITCH SMART GUIDELINES


Pool-Play: Determined by a Coin-Flip / Championship/Bracket Play: the Higher seed is Home team


Each team is provided 1-dozen baseballs at each tournament


Any participant (player, coach, spectator, etc.) ejected from a game due to excessive arguing will be suspended for a minimum of 1 game (subsequent game). The Umpire-In-Chief and Tournament Director have the right to add additional game suspensions depending on the severity of the situation.

Seeding & Tie-breakers


Pool Play seeding will be pre-determined by the tournament director and each registered team will be placed in a division (if applicable) and matched up with opponents based on the past and present information. Our goal is to offer teams the opportunity to play new competition while matching teams up based on their past success in tournament play.


In the event of a tie in record, the following criteria will determine the playoff/championship berth:

1. Win-loss record

2. Head to Head winner

3. If three teams are tied, and one team has defeated both other teams, that team advances (if not move to #4)

4. Total runs allowed in pool play

5. Total runs scored in pool play

6. If still tied – Total runs allowed subtracting game with most runs allowed in pool play

7. If still tied – Total runs allowed minus two games with most runs allowed in pool play

8. If still tied – Runs scored inning by inning starting with first game until one team has more runs after a complete inning starting with pool games

9. Second place teams will always be taken ahead of 3rd place teams for wild cards, 3rd place ahead of 4th place, etc.

TIE BREAKERS Games in pool play that are tied after time limit has expired shall be recorded as a tie. If a bracket game is tied after time has expired, the following format will be used to determine a winner.
• Last 3 hitters (who completed his at bat) from previous inning load the bases as follows:
• Last hitter from previous inning at 1B
• Hitter before that at 2B
• Hitter before that at 3B
• Normal substitution rules apply to these runners.
• Inning will start with 1 out
• Process is repeated until winner is determined

*A record of 2-0-2 defeats a record of 3-1

*these general rules are subject to change for specific tournaments and will be pre-determined by the tournament director(s).

Rosters, Subs, Eligibility


Players must be of age prior to April 30th or meet the Grad Year Requirement

To be eligible for HS Prep (14u): 2024 Graduate or younger or born on or after May 01, 2005

To be eligible for Underclass (15u): 2023 Graduate or younger or born on or after May 01, 2004

To be eligible for Underclass (16u): 2022 Graduate or younger or born on or after May 01, 2003

To be eligible for Upperclass (17u): 2021 Graduate or younger or born on or after May 01, 2002

To be eligible for Upperclass (18u): 2020 Graduate or younger or born on or after May 01, 2001

Team rosters may not exceed 20 players. Players MAY NOT play on more than one roster in a single tournament.

Teams may change their rosters up until the start of their first tournament game; once the first pitch is thrown, the roster is official for the remainder of the tournament.


Free substitutions are allowed during Pool Play if agreed upon by both Head Coaches. In Playoff/Championship Play, National High School Federation Rules apply for substitutions.

*these rules are subject to change for specific baseball tournaments and will be pre-determined by the tournament director(s).

Registration & Gate Fees

Registration Fees

At the time of registration, the registration fee/deposit must be paid in full via credit card. All registered teams will be charged the full entry fee via credit card 1-week prior to the tournament. If for any reason your team can no longer participate, they must contact a 2D Sports representative to remove their team from the tournament (see refund policy for details).

Gate Fees

$8 per day or $20 tournament pass ($25 tournament pass for 4 day events)– colored wristbands will be distributed to each fan at the time of entry; each fan MUST wear the wristband on the wrist and have the appropriate colored wristband to gain entry into each venue on a given day.

Facilities / Concessions


Each baseball tournament venue will have a concession stand selling a minimum of cold drinks (water/sports drinks) and snacks.

NO ICE-CHESTS are allowed through the gate at any venue unless approved by a 2Dsports representative and/or the Tournament Director.

Tournament Director

Each tournament will have a tournament director responsible for overseeing the baseball tournament’s progress along with inputting scores/results, communicating with coaches, and answering questions from players, coaches, and fans.

Site Directors

Each venue will have a designated site director responsible for preparing the playing field, scoreboard/pressbox operation, and maintaining a fan-friendly environment.

All teams participating in 2DSports Tournaments are required to carry team/participant liability insurance coverage. 2DSports carries event insurance policies for all 2DSports tournaments venues; this liability insurance covers all individuals in attendance at the tournament except the participants (who are covered by a team insurance policy).

2D Sports must be named as ‘insured’ on the certificate. (this can be requested from the insurance provider, free of charge).
2D Sports 867 Saint Roch Ave Shreveport, Louisiana 71115.

  • Minimum Insurance Requirements:
    • General Liability $1,000,000 occurrence / $2,000,000 aggregate
    • Participant Medical $25,000 each participant
    • Include the name of the team registered in the tournament(s) on the Certificate – a certificate for each team is required
Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

If a coach/manager removes his team from a tournament after May 1, that team forfeits the deposit but will receive a credit of additional entry fees paid to play in a future event.

If a coach/manager removes his team less the 1-week prior to a tournament, that team forfeits the full tournament entry fee.

Inclement Weather Procedure

In the event of inclement weather, an email and/or text message will be sent to the Head Coach of each participating team; updated information will be posted on and the mobile app regarding any changes in schedule.

Refund Policy

Two games played = 50% credit. After a team has played three games, there will not be a refund/credit. If the tournament is rained out and no games are played, the team will get a full credit towards a future event.